Born in Wilrijk (Antwerp)
On 2 january 1954.

In 1979 she started her art education, in specific drawing and painting.
At the Academy in Hove near Antwerp, she gained her diploma visual arts, painting and drawing. each time with a special mention of the jury. Two final specialisation years in drawing en two final specialisation years in painting she ended in the Academy in Lier.
In 1994 she ended her studies there.

In 1992 she gained the first prize for paintings of a contest organized by the community of Lint. In 1994 she was selected by the Cultural Centre of Berchem (Antwerp) for an exposition of Artists who in origin came from Berchem.

List of expositions:

October 1992: Gallery Den Es in Melsele
March 1994: Gallery het Spinaziehuis in Berchem Ant werpen.
Mai 1994: Gallery VH inlijstingen in Antwerp
April 1997: Gallery Het Convent in Lier:
May 2000: Gallery Rivierenhof in Deurne:
April to June 2002: t Brantijser gallery of the Ufsia University in Antwerp.
Septembre 2004-January 2005 : Gallery « BA Cologne » at Cologne (Germany)
November 2004 Bouwcentrum – Antwerp

At the occasion of the opening of the new offices of the firm SBB Accountants and Tax advisers she became the opportunity to expose her paintings ( Lier 1993, Leuven 1994, Turnhout 1994, St Katelijne Waver1995, Hoogstraten1997, Brecht 1998 and Lochristie 2003) also at the opening of a KBC Insurance office at Heist op den Berg 2003.

She is also member of different groups of artists, in specific:
De Sirkel in Mortsel
P3Art in Boechout
Vrienden van de academie van Lier in Lier.
Of course you can see some of her new paintings at the expositions these groups organise throughout the year in different locations in Belgium.