News Section
WARNING: this site is made for Internet Explorer 1024 * 768, I have experienced problems with Mozilla browsers!
The website is undergoing major updates. We also have moved between providers to acquire more space.
Large update of the gallery: go and look here!
From now on, my works are view-able in the Netherlands: you can go and look at this site for more information: or look for a bit more info in my exhibitions page!
At 24 until 26 november, I will be standing at Art Event (Antwerp, Bouwcentrum), please come and take a look!
How to get there... (Dutch)
The Art-Event in Antwerp is coming near! Tomorrow it starts and you can see Liliane's works there. In the meantime, another big update to the site galleries. Go take a look in the Dance, Cats, Landscapes, Portraits, Pastels and Stolen Memories sections.
More updates, all gallery sections should have paintings now. Most of the existing ones are updated too; Dance page 1 and 2, Pastels and Nudes.
A big update has arrived. More is to come. The gallery has been revamped, many works have been added. Correct sizes, as well as comments still have to be added. More works to come also. Stay tuned.
Due to some problems with our previous host, we were offline for a long time. We have another one now, hopefully, it will go better.
Finally I put the site online. Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done. But the main part is there: a gallery, a bio, a contact section and an exhibition section. This site will also be bi-langual. Meaning, a Dutch part is still under construction. Stay tuned!
The website is coming together nicely. Photo section still needs to be put together. But I think the main and most important part is there: the Gallery. Feel free to browse through it and be welcome!